Steinberg Institute


The Steinberg Institute is dedicated to advancing sound public policy and inspiring leadership on issues of mental health. Since its inception in January 2015, the Institute has been making sweeping and historic improvements in mental health policy, including securing $2 billion to provide housing and care for homeless people living with mental illness (No Place Like Home); ensuring quality mental health care is accessible to students on all public college campuses; ensuring mental health services follow our foster youth when they are moved from one county to another; promoting prevention and early intervention programs and research so that people receive the care they need before their condition becomes disabling; advocating for sentencing reform and law enforcement training with the aim of decriminalizing mental illness; and educating elected officials and industry leaders so that they embrace the importance of quality mental health care as a top-tier priority.

Having gained the respect and trust of providers, decision-makers, business leaders and advocacy organizations across the state, the Steinberg Institute stands ready to move forward in our efforts to ensure issues of the brain are addressed as comprehensively and readily as are issues of the body.


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