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Policy Priorities 2015

Our 2015 bills are listed below, with a number of them being signed into law by Governor Brown.  We are grateful for our growing list of partners and supporters who play a crucial role in inspiring decision makers to make mental health a top policy priority.

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AB 253 (Hernandez) – Veterans Access to Care via Prop 63 services
Would provide Proposition 63 funding for mental health services in new veterans housing developments funded by the Veterans Housing & Homelessness Prevention Act.

AB 388 (Chang)Housing: Homeless Veterans: Reports
This bill would require an evaluation of the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act of 2014 to include information relating to the effectiveness in helping homeless veterans.

AB 519 (McCarty) – Permanence Outcomes for Foster Youth – Two year bill
This bill: improves permanency outcomes for older children in foster care and the stability of their adoptive and guardianship families.

AB 741 (Williams) – Kids Crisis Care
AB 741 seeks to add to the schedule of benefits comprehensive mental health crisis services, including crisis intervention, crisis stabilization, crisis residential treatment, rehabilitative mental health services, and mobile crisis support teams.

AB 847 (Mullin) – Excellence in Mental Health Act
This bill would require the Department of Health Care Services, to initiate planning to apply for a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics Statewide Planning Grant in the first quarter of 2016 to develop a California application to participate in the 2 year pilot.

AB 861 (Maienschein) – Increasing Funds for Mentally Ill Homeless
AB 861 would ensure that if the state is successful in its bid for extra funding via the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics Statewide Planning Grant, that it dedicates a significant portion of the savings to provide housing for people with severe mental illnesses who would otherwise be homeless.

AB 1006 (Levine) – Mental Health Justice Act
AB 1006 seeks to give Superior Courts discretion to order more appropriate sentencing for mentally ill offenders in prison and county jails when in the best interests of the defendant and the community.

AB 1025 (Thurmond) – School-Based Prevention & Early Intervention Mental Health Services
AB 1025 would require the State Department of Education to establish a 3-year pilot program to encourage inclusive practices that integrate mental health, special education, and school climate interventions; and to report back on the effectiveness of the pilot.

AB 1133 (Achajian) – School-Based Prevention & Early Intervention MH Services
AB 1133 would create a four-year prevention and early intervention pilot program to help students from preschool to 3rd grade experiencing school adjustment problems.

AB 1299 (Ridley-Thomas)Out of County Transfer of care: Foster Youth
This bill would require the Department of Health Care Services to establish a presumptive transfer of responsibility for providing or arranging for mental health services to foster youth from the county of original jurisdiction to the foster child’s county of residence.

SB 11 (Beall) – Peace Office Training
This bill ensures that peace officers receive an additional 20 hours of evidence-based behavioral health training and the 4 hours of continuing education to ensure that they are well prepared to handle difficult situations.

SB 29 (Beall) – Field Officer Trainers: Training
This bill ensures that all Field Officer Trainers receive training to provide standardized training to newly-assigned peace officers transitioning from an academic setting to field training where they gain hands-on experience forming the foundation of their career.

SB 118 (Liu) – School-Based Health and Education Partnership Program
SB 118, once implemented, would provide funding for the expansion and renovation of existing school health centers and would add a “population health grant” for the purpose of targeting specific health and education programs such as those related to obesity, asthma, substance abuse and mental health.

SB 130 (Roth) – Veterans
SB 130 establishes a framework so that the Department of Housing & Community Development can award grants to providers of supportive services for veterans housing.

SB 296 (Cannella) – Standardization of Paperwork
This bill requires the Department of Health Care Services to develop a single set of service documentation requirements for the provision of specialty mental health services, saving a significant amount of time and costs.

SB 614 (Leno) – Peer and family support specialist certification program
This bill seeks to establish a Peer and Family Support Specialist Certification Program to be administered by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

*This list does not represent all mental health related legislation that has been introduced in 2015. For more information, please go to

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