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Press Release: Landmark “No Place Like Home” Housing Budget Proposal Approved by California Legislature

Posted by on Thursday, June 16, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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Critical funding earmarked for permanent supportive housing
for the homeless

SACRAMENTO, CA – June, 15th, 2016. Today California Legislators passed a landmark state budget that includes a first of its kind investment in housing for the most vulnerable Californians living on our streets with a mental illness.  The No Place Like Home (NPLH) program will fund permanent supportive housing for tens of thousands of people living without a home and without the care they need each night.

No Place Like Home is an investment in what we know works for those who live on the edges of our society and it will dramatically change an untold number of lives for the better,” said Darrell Steinberg, Founder of the Steinberg Institute and former California President pro Tem of the Senate.

No Place Like Home is one step in a march to erase stigma, provide services to those who need them when they need them, and to build a California where all citizens have opportunities to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

The No Place Like Home proposal allocates a small percentage of Proposition 63 (2004) funding to finance a $2 billion bond for permanent supportive housing specifically for those who live with a serious mental illness and live on the streets. These funds will in turn leverage billions of additional dollars from local, state, and federal funding streams to invest in housing and services, including mental health, primary care, and drug and alcohol treatment.

“California has the nation’s largest homeless population and the severity of this fact demands that we do not wait one more day without turning our attention toward it,” said Maggie Merritt, Executive Director of the Steinberg Institute. “Proposition 63 was written with the express intent to reach those living with serious mental illness and ensure that their most basic needs are met, including housing, as it is the key factor in recovery.  This investment is a national milestone and will go a long way towards changing the landscape of our state and the lives of untold tens of thousands of people.”

The mission of the Steinberg Institute is to advance sound public policy and inspire leadership on the issues of mental health and this groundbreaking proposal is clear evidence of this mission in action.  Through a strong partnership with Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León and his staff, as well as the leadership of Governor Brown and the Department of Finance, California is leading the nation to ensure that those living with a mental illness are brought out of the shadows, off the streets, and into a home that provides them the services they need.


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