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Join Us Feb. 28 For A Special Capitol Briefing: The Global Forefront of Mental Health Delivery

State Sen. Richard Pan, in collaboration with the Steinberg Institute, will host a Capitol briefing for legislators and policymakers on Wednesday, Feb. 28, from 1 p.m.-4 p.m., to explore how changes in leadership, organizational structure and strategic vision could result in more effective delivery of mental health services in California.

The goal is to both educate and inspire by convening recognized leaders in the mental health community who are making a striking and measurable difference in outcomes. Among the speakers:

— Roberto Mezzina, Director of the Department of Mental Health in Trieste, Italy, who has pioneered a successful model for replacing mass institutionalization with integrated community-based care.
— Nicole Sherren, Scientific Director with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, an effort based in Canada that translates research on brain development, addiction and mental illness into policies and practices that support healthy outcomes.
— Pat McGorry, Executive Director of Orygen, a leading research institute in Australia that has transformed that country’s approach to early intervention for youth mental health.
— Ann Sullivan, Commissioner, N.Y. State Office of Mental Health, who has advanced a statewide network dedicated to early intervention in psychosis-related illness.

Powerhouse forum takes on critical challenges in mental health workforce

The Steinberg Institute partnered with Kaiser Permanente last month to host a high-powered forum exploring challenges facing California’s mental health workforce, and innovative strategies for rethinking and adapting our traditional models of care. Our speakers brought expertise from across the nation. The audience was composed of representatives for leading policymakers, hospital systems, health organizations, research institutes, mental health providers, government agencies and advocacy groups. And the day was devoted to solutions. Go to the full article to access the visual presentations, photo gallery and forum packet.

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