Call to action: ‘No Place Like Home’

NPLH Senate LogoThe Steinberg Institute is the sponsor of the “No Place Like Home” permanent supportive housing bond which seeks to provide housing and services for people who live with a serious mental illness.

AB 1618 will be heard on the Assembly Floor TOMORROW, Thursday June 30th, and we want you to call your legislator to ask for their “YES” vote on this important measure. 

Please call your Assemblymember TODAY and ask them to vote “YES” on AB 1618!!

You can search by your address and find your Assemblymember here:

If you know your Assemblymember already, use this full roster for contact information:

Suggested AB 1618 Phone Script:

My name is [First name, Last name]. I am an [Advocate/Mental Health Professional/Constituent] and I am in strong support of AB 1618 which will ensure that people who live with a serious mental illness have a roof over their head and the services they need.

Once signed into law, AB 1618 will utilize a small percentage of the Mental Health Services Act funds to leverage a $2 billion bond for permanent supportive housing.

This matters to me personally because… [State briefly why AB 1618 is important to you].

We know what works: It is housing paired with services.  AB 1618 would make this a reality for tens of thousands of Californians.

I ask for your “Aye” vote on AB 1618 on the Assembly Floor on June 30th.

Thank you for Assemblymember [Last name]’s leadership on this issue!

Your voice MATTERS!! THANK YOU!!

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