Drs. Cameron Carter and Tara Niendam

Drs. Cameron Carter and Tara Niendam


Founder/Executive Director, UC Davis Medical Center Early Psychosis Program

Hats off to Dr. Cameron Carter and Dr. Tara Niendam for helping hundreds of young people in the early stages of psychosis-related illness learn not only to manage their brain illness but to thrive.

Dr. Carter is director of the UC Davis Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, and Dr. Niendam is executive director of UC Davis Medical Center Early Psychosis programs: the EDAPT and SacEDAPT clinics. This powerhouse duo specialize in early detection and intervention in psychosis, and have worked in partnership to hone a model of care that is comprehensive, holistic and emphasizes recovery.

Generally, treatment involves cognitive behavioral therapy and low doses of medication. The staff provides “whole person” care that addresses physical health and support for school, jobs and housing. The family is included in care, receiving education and support as a key element of the treatment model.

The goal: to ensure young people living with a brain illness get the treatment and skills they need to stay on track so they can graduate, get jobs, fall in love, have families. “Because everyone,” Tara says, “deserves to have roles and goals.” Thank you both for making a difference for families in the Sacramento region every single day.

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