Iqra Ahmad

2024 Steinberg Institute Champion

Iqra Ahmad

Pioneering Innovative Connections to Substance Use Care

Iqra Ahmad is a California Northstate University College of Pharmacy student committed to helping people with substance use disorders get the care they need. Her research and projects are focused on reaching people with these challenges where they are and overcoming barriers to care.

Iqra Ahmad holding a pack of Narcan Nasal Spray
Video/photography by Autumn Payne of Ethical Narrative

Before attending the school Iqra implemented a substance use navigator program at Kaiser South Sacramento Emergency Department. The program connects anyone who comes to the ED looking for substance use treatment with help. Navigator programs not only are effective ways to ensure more people receive treatment, they ultimately reduce the burden on overcrowded hospital EDs by streamlining appropriate care. 

Iqra also implemented the first free Narcan programs at the hospital and Sacramento Metro Fire District and Wellspace Health. She has worked with emergency responders to help high 911 utilizers find appropriate substance use disorder treatment. 

We salute Iqra and are grateful for her continued dedication to reducing barriers to care.

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