Dr. Robert McCarron

2024 Steinberg Institute Champion

Dr. Robert McCarron

Innovative approaches to address our workforce shortage

Dr. Robert McCarron is a driving force behind efforts to train California’s primary care providers in psychiatry and substance use disorder treatment. He is Founding Director for the UC Irvine Train New Trainers Primary Care Fellowship and the Train New Trainers Primary Care Training and Education in Addiction Medicine Fellowship.
2024 Steinberg Institute Champion Dr. Robert McCarron
Video/photography by Autumn Payne of Ethical Narrative

These innovative programs teach physicians the key aspects of psychiatric treatment, including how to diagnose commonly encountered conditions such as mood, anxiety, psychotic and substance use disorders. The program “trains the trainer,” to spread knowledge of these principles beyond course attendees. Thousands of people have taken the courses since the founding of the program in 2015.

The Steinberg Institute is a firm believer that “mental health is health,” and these programs further that belief through action. When the state of California faces a severe shortage of mental health providers, implementing fresh approaches like the ones launched by Dr. McCarron is essential.

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