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We believe that access to quality mental health care is one of the most pressing civil rights issues of our time. The Steinberg Institute is committed to bringing together leaders in government, medicine, research, business and technology to advance the diagnosis and treatment of brain illness, and to usher in a system of care in which brain health is treated with the same sweep and urgency as physical health.

How can you help?

Invest in Policy Change

The Steinberg Institute is an independent nonprofit funded through grants and donations. If you would like to support our efforts, please mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Steinberg Institute
1121 L St., Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95814

For more information, contact Executive Director Maggie Merritt: (916) 553-4167,

Invest in Intervention

The gaps in mental health care in California represent a public health crisis that can’t be shouldered by state and county government alone. It’s time we all had skin in the game.

We are working with multiple partners in the public and private sectors to greatly expand the number of county-run programs in California providing early intervention and treatment for young people with brain illness.  But we need your help. The effort hinges on donations from companies, foundations and individuals — and you can double your investment in the process.

Assembly Bill 1315, signed into law in October 2017, sets up a special account to be fueled by private donations and public grants. The money can be used only to create or expand early intervention services that meet evidence-based guidelines set forth by an expert advisory panel.  Counties can apply for funds from the account, and if chosen, will have to provide matching dollars, doubling the private sector investment.

The fund went live Jan. 1, 2018. Read more about the program at the Early Psychosis Intervention Plus (EPI-Plus) website.

You can send donations care of:

Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission
1325 J Street, Suite 1700
Sacramento, CA 95814

Be sure to note that the funds are intended for the EPI-Plus Program Fund. 

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