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2017 Full Legislative Package

AB 1315 (Mullin):  Early Psychosis Intervention and Early Mental Health Detection Programs (Sponsor)
AB 1315, signed into law in October 2017, aims to shift the paradigm for mental health treatment in California from one centered on late-stage crisis care to one in which the emphasis is on early detection, prevention and intervention, before a brain illness becomes disabling. The bill creates a public-private partnership to generate new funding for programs that provide early diagnosis and intervention services for young people experiencing the early stages of serious thought and mood disorders. Supporters

AB 1340 (Maienschein): Continuing Medical Education: Mental and Physical Health Care Integration (Sponsor)
AB 1340 will help ensure primary care providers in California are trained to recognize the symptoms of common psychiatric conditions, part of a broader effort to promote early intervention and prevention for people living with brain illness. The bill, signed into law in October 2017, requires that the Medical Board of California consider including in its continuing medical education requirements a course on integrating mental and physical health care in primary care settings. Supporters

AB 917 (Arambula): Student Health: Student Suicide Prevention Policies (Sponsor)
AB 917 would require California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and strongly urge the Universities of California, in addition to all private colleges and universities, to adopt and implement policies on the prevention of student suicides.  This is a two-year bill that will move forward in 2018.

AB 1135 (Wood):  California Marijuana Tax Fund (Sponsor)
AB 1135 would offer guidance as the Department of Health Care Services moves to establish protocols for use of Proposition 64 prevention and early intervention funds for mental health services, including substance use disorder services, for youth and their families. This is a two-year bill that will move forward in 2018.

AB 1136 (Eggman):  Health Facilities: Residential Mental or Substance Use Disorder Treatment (Co-Sponsor)
AB 1136 directs the Department of Public Health to draft a proposal for creation of an online psychiatric inpatient bed registry to collect and relay information about available beds. This is a two-year bill that will move forward in 2018.

SB 142 – (Beall):  Criminal Offenders: Mental Health (Support)
SB 142 would establish the State Community Mental Health Performance Incentives Fund and require judges to consider a defendant’s mental health history when determining sentencing. This is a two-year bill that will move forward in 2018.

AB 154 (Levine):  Prisoners: Mental Health Treatment (Support)
AB 154 would give Superior Courts discretion when sentencing an offender with a diagnosed brain illness to include mental health treatment in prison and county jails when in the best interests of the defendant and the community.  The bill was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown in September 2017.

SB 10 (Hertzberg):  California Bail Reform Act (Support)
The California Bail Reform Act would reform the bail system in California by revising the pretrial release procedure and bail limits in each county. This is a two-year bill that will move forward in 2018.

AB 470 (Arambula): Performance Outcomes (Support)
AB 470, which was signed into law in October 2017, requires the California Department of Health Care Services to develop a performance outcome “dashboard” for specialty mental health services provided to eligible Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

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