Steinberg Institute

Our Values

The Steinberg Institute plays a unique role in California, bringing independent voice and vision to issues of mental health policy. The following principles help shape and define us.

1. Advocacy: The Steinberg Institute gives clear and potent voice to people living with mental illness, fighting for more resources, better treatments, and an integrated system of care. We envision a nation in which brain health is treated with the same urgency and sweep as physical health.

2. Impact: We make change. Our efforts have resulted in billions of additional dollars for mental health services, a more robust system of oversight, and public/private partnerships that promise improved research and treatments.

3. Stewardship: We protect the precious resource embodied by the Mental Health Services Act. Our mission is to ensure the state communicates a clear strategy for spending MHSA dollars, and that the services funded are data-driven and effective.

4. Collaboration: We bridge divides, bringing together thought leaders from provider agencies, advocacy groups, research organizations, private industry, state and local agencies, and the Legislature – all with the aim of changing the status quo through strategic alliances and creative exchange.

5. Problem-Solving: We know issues can be complex. But that doesn’t mean unsolvable. We skip the hand-wringing, and drill for solutions with straight talk and unconventional thinking.

6. Innovation: We believe in the promise of technology: that we can and should leverage technological advances to improve diagnoses, treatment and access to services. That doesn’t mean chasing every shiny new idea. It does mean being open to nontraditional partnerships, and getting comfortable pursuing the “why” of a good idea rather than the “why not.”

7. Inspiration: We inspire leadership on issues of mental health, because we need a political movement to effect the kind of fundamental change we seek. Our mission is to grow the cadre of leaders in the public and private sectors who will champion mental health, and to raise the profile of mental illness as a critical civil rights issue.

8. Independence: We have the freedom of bringing an unencumbered perspective. We have no allegiance – except to the creation of a more effective and equitable system of care. That independence makes us a trusted voice and a valued ally.