Youth Support

Text 4 Teens

Confidential text-line for teens for info, referrals, or just to chat. A safe space for those undergoing depression, abuse, bullying, eating disorders, addiction, and self harm.

The Children’s Partnership

A team of experienced policy and advocacy professionals and a commitment to advancing children’s health care. TCP strives to be both a resource and an ally for underserved communities responding to the needs across California.

Child Mind Institute

Providing care, education, and research to transform the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. Offers resources to children with mental health challenges, and educational resources for parents.

Teen Line

A community-based organization providing emotional and mental health support to youth through peer-based education, national hotline, community outreach, and online support.

AIM for MH

A youth mental health research organization identifying solutions to the mental health of children, teens, and young adults. Strives to develop research and awareness to create a pathway to mentally healthy youth.

Star Vista Crisis Center

Star Vista Crisis Center provides crisis services including counseling, prevention, suicide intervention, youth housing support, and development childhood assistance. Serving San Mateo County.

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