Dr. Fumi Mitsuishi

2024 Steinberg Institute Champion

Dr. Fumi Mitsuishi

Compassion and empathy.

Dr. Fumi Mitsuishi is the Division Director for Citywide Case Management Programs in San Francisco. Citywide, a division of UCSF’s Department of Psychiatry, provides “wraparound” services for people with serious mental illness and co-occurring substance use challenges.

Operating in the city since 1981, Citywide is the largest provider of Intensive Case Management (ICM) services in San Francisco, serving more than 1500 people each year.

2024 Steinberg Institute Champion Dr. Fumi Mitsuishi
Video/photography by Autumn Payne of Ethical Narrative

Multidisciplinary teams of clinicians, psychiatrists, peers, staff and nurses provide services both in their San Francisco setting and in the field. Key to their success, according to Dr. Mitsuishi, is the welcoming environment. Their offices provide a serene setting to work with clients, ensuring a sense of stability and safety.

Clients seen at Citywide have a diagnosis of serious mental illness, are frequently dually diagnosed, and often have histories of trauma, chronic institutionalization and homelessness.

We honor Dr. Mitsuishi for her steadfast efforts to help California’s unhoused facing mental illness and substance use disorders.

To learn more about Citywide Case Management, visit their website.

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