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Nurses sitting on floor

Nurses in California organize to support their mental health

Nurses are among the many frontline workers that have faced the brunt of the pandemic. During its many peaks, while hospitals filled, the demands on nurses grew. From staff and protective gear shortages to watching countless patients succumb to the virus without being able to have family members with them, the physical and emotional demands took a major toll.

Jasdeep Bains

My Mental Health Journey: First Generation

South Asian culture often gives precedence to physical health, sometimes at the expense of mental health needs. You might hear, “If you are physically healthy, you’re fine.” If someone expresses being anything less than happy or content (for whatever reason), the response is often, “you have a loving family, you don’t have to worry about where your next meal comes from, you have a roof over your head, why are you so dissatisfied?”

Mindfulness with Maggie

Are you refilling your cup?

Have you lost sleep over your work? How many days in a row did you forget to eat lunch, or take time away from your desk to get some fresh air? How often do you work through the weekend forfeiting time with friends and family? And when we add the stress of these last couple of years on top of it all, it’s no wonder most of us are having a hard time.

California State of Mind Essentials

What is a community health worker?

Navigating complex public health systems and social services can be painfully difficult for those who don’t understand it, and California’s mental health system is no exception. For some people, not knowing what public mental health services are available or which ones they qualify for can prevent them from seeking care. For others, challenges finding mental health providers who speak the same language are a barrier. In many communities, community health workers offer critical relief to this problem.

Man holding his head in hands in a dark room

More Latino Men Are Dying By Suicide Even as National Rate Declines

While still jarringly high, U.S. suicide rates fell in 2019 and again in 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last month. The year-over-year rate declined by 3 percent overall, falling by 8 percent among women and 2 percent among men. But there were some stark outliers. Notably, suicides among Latino men increased by nearly 6 percent.

Crystal Lopez-Franco

My Mental Health Journey: Finding Identity

Weird. Unaccepted. Judged. Growing up as a Mexican-American in a home that did not prioritize Mexican culture, I developed these feelings early in my youth. I was influenced by many different cultures growing up. As I encountered people from the same cultural background who were more connected with the traditions than I was, internalized conflict developed.

Children raising their hands in class

“Report Card” on school mental health policies outlines work needed for California’s youth

If you are the parent or guardian of school-aged children, then you likely are aware of the toll the pandemic has taken on their mental health. Our children and youth are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and loneliness during this challenging time. It’s critical that schools have mental health services so that every child thrives. California’s policy-makers need to understand how essential it is to set this generation on a path to mental wellness. We now have additional information to help guide the way.

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