Steinberg Institute provides insight on the shortage of behavioral health workers in California

California’s shortage of behavioral health workers is at critical levels, and the Steinberg Institute is at the forefront of advocating for solutions to this challenge. This year we are sponsoring SB 964, FOCWS-BH: Future of California Workforce and Surge in Behavioral Health, authored by State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), which would require a comprehensive analysis of the shortage along with legislative solutions.

The shortage was highlighted this week when thousands of mental health care employees at various Northern California Kaiser Permanente locations went on strike. For many Californians, this was likely the first time finding out about the worker shortage.

Steinberg Institute Senior Advocate Tara Gamboa-Eastman was featured on Northern California television and radio interviews to help people better understand the seriousness, scope, and potential solutions for the workforce shortage.

Tara spoke with ABC 7 Bay Area anchor Kristen Sze (video above) and KGO Radio host Nikki Medoro about the scope of the shortage and how it is being addressed.

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