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Steinberg Institute’s top 10 mental health acronyms you need to know

Whether you’re a veteran mental health advocate or a newly inducted legislative staffer, keeping track of all the acronyms used in mental health policies and legislation can get overwhelming. So, we’re here to help reduce the number of times you have to google what “BHCIP” (pronounced BEE-CHIP despite its spelling) is. Or you’re left wondering whether when someone say’s “CSU” in a conversation about mental health crises if they’re talking about a California State University. Spoiler alert: they aren’t.

California State of Mind Essentials

What is 988? The suicide prevention lifeline

Too often a lack of resources and social stigma leaves people who need mental health support without help. As a consequence, we have seen an “ineffective and deadly” response to people experiencing mental health crises. The 988 crisis line is an opportunity to reimagine mental health and substance use disorder crisis response to give people the help they need. Through one easy-to-remember phone number, 988 will ensure that anyone experiencing a mental health crisis receives the care they deserve.

Pride Month Q&A

Members of California’s LGBTQ Caucus continue their fight for mental health access and LGBTQ+ rights

June is officially Pride month, but the fight for LGBTQ+ rights and mental health is important year-round. To close out this month we asked members of the California Legislature’s LGBTQ Caucus, Senator Scott Wiener, Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes and Assemblymember Christopher Ward, their thoughts on the importance of Pride month and how we can continue to better support LGBTQ+ mental health.

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