Peer Support

The graduates of the 2022 SPIRIT program — now certified peer support providers — at their 2022 commencement ceremony on July 27. Photo: CRE8R Marketing and Creative Agency, LLC

Can Peers Power the Mental Health Workforce of the Future?

Peer support providers have the potential to play an important role in the mental health field, not only because they can help fill the gap in the workforce, but also because they have something unique to offer. Their lived experience working to recover from mental health or substance use challenges gives them insights they can offer to others in similar situations.

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What are peer supporters?

For some people, getting clinical treatment for mental illness or substance use disorders isn’t enough to help them succeed in their recovery. They need more personal care that empowers them to follow through with their care plan. Peer supporters offer a more personal support system for those in recovery to rely on. Peer supporters are people who have lived experience with mental illness or substance use disorders, that provide assistance to those in recovery. They build positive and welcoming relationships with those they are supporting and empowering them to succeed.

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