Recovery Success

Dan at the age of 12

My Mental Health Journey: Dan Tibbits chooses connection through his recovery

Sacramento County resident Dan Tibbits is 30 years in recovery from substance use disorder, with the support of 12 Step Recovery. He was dual-diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 33. Dan shares his story to create a sense of connection and hope for others struggling with substance use disorder or mental illness.

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What are peer supporters?

For some people, getting clinical treatment for mental illness or substance use disorders isn’t enough to help them succeed in their recovery. They need more personal care that empowers them to follow through with their care plan. Peer supporters offer a more personal support system for those in recovery to rely on. Peer supporters are people who have lived experience with mental illness or substance use disorders, that provide assistance to those in recovery. They build positive and welcoming relationships with those they are supporting and empowering them to succeed.

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