Youth Mental Health

Young students sitting in the floor in a circle listening to their teacher

Schools emphasize group emotional learning in post-pandemic education

Socialization is a crucial part of child development, so when, in the midst of the pandemic, students were pulled from schools and forced into a new reality of online learning, it had an outsized impact on their mental health. More than a third of U.S. high school students report that they had poor mental health during this time. Now, K-12 schools in the United States are finding innovative methods to deal with the lingering impact.


Essentials Spotlight: allcove takes an innovative approach to youth mental health, letting young people lead the way

It’s a startling statistic: Nearly half of all lifetime mental illness cases in the U.S. begin by age 14, yet 79% of youth needing care don’t receive it. A new approach to youth mental health care in California care hopes to change that startling dynamic. The “allcove” program brings youth voices in order to create a “with, for, and by youth” experience.

California State of Mind Essentials

The mental health impact of being LGBTQ+ and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)

“Being black already makes life hard…adding being gay on top [of] that is extremely difficult.” A student quote from a 2018 Human Rights Campaign report highlights the struggles LGBTQ+ youth of color face. Discrimination and mental health conditions are inextricably linked and without people that understand and offer support, LGBTQ+ youth of color are left alone.

Father sitting on floor with son

How to start the conversation with kids about mental health

Mental health and mental illness can be difficult to discuss, especially for teenagers who are already going through many changes and figuring life out. Social stigma and shame have painted mental health with a negative brush, causing many adolescents to struggle in silence. However, talking about mental health early is critical to developing healthy habits and well-being. Learning to chat about mental health while young equips people with tools they can use to support their mental health throughout their life.

Young drepressed student sitting on stairs

Young Advocates Take the Lead to Curb Campus Suicide

When the campus alert system at the University of California at Los Angeles notified students of a possible shooter this February and directed them to shelter in place, senior Meera Varma found herself surrounded by frightened students. She told the alarmed undergrads hunkered down in the dorm it was okay to be scared — a technique she’d learned in a mental health training.

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